GHTL are AS9100 and ISO9001 approved and hold NADCAP for Heat Treating

Terms of Purchase


Terms of Purchase

A.1     The purchase order number must be quoted on all correspondance.

A.2     All goods supplied must be accompanied by a delivery note and where applicable, a Certificate / Release note.

A.3     Where the PO has flowed down requirements for additional certification or data it must accompany the goods or be supplied as expeditiously as possible when supplying a service.

A.4     Goods or Services are not to be supplied without an official Gloucester Heat Treatment Limited (GHT) purchase order.

A.5     When a price is not stated it must be prior agreed in writing.

A.6     Invoices which differ from the amount stated on the order will not be accepted unless agreed previously in writing or covered by a supplementary order.

A.7     The Company reserves the right to cancel this order if the goods ordered are not delivered by the times specified on the order.

A.8     Title in the goods ordered shall not pass to the Company until physical delivery of the goods is taken by the Company at the delivery point stated on the order.

A.9     All containers are supplied free unless otherwise instructed and will be returned if required at the supplier's risk and charge.

A.10   Acceptance of a purchase order from GHT Limited is taken as an unqualified acceptance, that the supplier does not use any conflict minerals, or any aspect of modern slavery in the manufacture or supply of the purchased service or product.

B.1     All personnel involved with supply shall be suitably trained and qualified to do so. For Grade A suppliers training and qualification must be in accordance with the supplier’s quality management system requirements.

C.1a    Grade A suppliers are those who’s product or service can directly impact GHT’s output quality and therefore must maintain a quality management system in accordance with a national or international standard such as ISO9001 / AS9100 / ISO17025 / NADCAP etc. and GHT must be notified of any significant change of QMS status.

C.1b    Grade C suppliers are asked to have a documented quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 in place but this is not mandatory. Where a documented QMS is in place, GHT must be notified of any significant change in its status.

D.1     The identification, revision status and other technical instructions must be to the latest issue unless otherwise stated. The issue / revision status should be reported on the Certificate / Release note.

E.1     Requirements for test, inspection, verification etc. (where applicable) must be as flowed down on the Purchase Order.

E.2     Any deviations from the purchase order test method are to be first approved by GHT.

F.1     Where applicable, test specimens must be retained indefinitely. They should be suitably protected and marked for easy retrieval, if and when requested for auditing, inspection, verification etc.

G.1     Non-conforming product (test failures) must be reported on all incoming certification (test reports etc.)

G.2     The supplier must notify GHT of any changes in product and/or process, changes of supplier, changes of facility location, changes of any customer or 3rd party approvals and or scope, and, where required, obtain GHT approval

G.3     No part of any order is to be sub-contracted to a sub-tier supplier without prior permission from GHT.

G.4     If work is subcontracted to sub tier suppliers, the full requirements of the order shall be flowed down to the sub-tier suppliers; this shall include any SQA requirements and contract statements such as “In pursuance of [customer] contract and [SQA document] requirements at the latest issue are applicable”.

H.1     Records are to be retained indefinitely. GHT’s approval must be formally requested (in writing) should there be any requirement for record disposal.

I.1      GHT, its customers and regulatory authorities are to have reasonable access to facilities and records related to its orders.

J.1      The supplier shall take all necessary actions to prevent the use of counterfeit parts, products or services.

J.2      The supplier shall ensure that employees are aware of their contribution to;

  • Product or service conformity
  • Product safety
  • Importance of ethical behaviour

Issue 2  -  May 4th 2018

Your acceptance of any GHT order is an acknowledgement that you agree to the above conditions.